Activity request form

Thank you for your interest in having an activity at VBF. 

All church sponsored activities must first be approved by filling out an activity request form (a.r.f.). This helps the church avoid double booking a room for two different activities, and it also helps the ministry leader plan a successful activity. 

Your activity should be well planned and all the details should be thought through prior to the day that your activity is happening. This not only helps you have a smooth event, it also helps the church avoid unnecessary headaches and messes caused by a poorly planned event.  

To get your activity approved and on the church calendar, start by filling out the Activity Request Form. Click the link below. Once the A.R.F. has been submitted, the church staff will look it over for approval. This process can take up to a week. If you fail to hear back from a church representative after a week of filling out the form, please email Pastor Jerry